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"Striving for excellence in diplomacy and leadership"


Since its founding in 1995, UCMUNT has grown to become  a prominent team in  North America and is currently one of the best teams in the Northwest Prairie region.  

At a conference the University of Calgary Model United Nations Team is a strong cohesive unit, much like the states we are representing.


UCMUNT delegates in-council are representatives of the entire team, and the unique hallmarks of cooperation, friendship, and diplomacy are an internationally recognised hallmark of the UCMUNT team.

UCMUNT participates in multiple national and international conferences every year. Conferences address issues facing international communities and educate delegates about the workings of the United Nations.

UCMUNT provides its members plenty of support that will enrich their university experience at the University of Calgary. Moreover, the team hosts multiple workshops and social gatherings. 


The University of Calgary Model United Nations Team (UCMUNT) is an academic group that provides post-secondary students of the Calgary region the opportunity to compete in conferences that simulate the bodies of the United Nations as well as regional and international organisations. Among these include the General Assembly, the World Health Organisation, and the Security Council, as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the European Union, and the Association for Southeast Asian Nations – just to name a few. Through these conferences, delegates practice and develop many abilities such as their public speaking skills, team working skills, professionalism, and how to become more analytical. 


UCMUNT has come a long way since we first entered the competitive international collegiate tournament circuit in 1995. Through hard work, teamwork, research, and innovative new strategies we have grown to be respected by universities from around the globe. We are currently internationally recognised as one of the top Small Delegations in North America. Our alumni have been accepted into law schools, the Canadian Foreign Service, engineering positions, diplomatic and non-governmental organisational roles, medicine, and other prestigious disciplines.

As a diverse group of individuals, the people who make up UCMUNT bring something new and different with them to every conference. Hailing from every major faculty at the University, UCMUNT seems to be much more diverse than other teams on the circuit. Whether they study the arts, the humanities and social sciences, the natural sciences, engineering, business, health sciences, or any other academic discipline, each member brings a new and important perspective to UCMUNT. It is essential to have members who can work with each other across functional areas and contribute where they can.


For instance, having someone who understands the chemical and physical aspects of the Chemical Weapons Convention is invaluable, just as having someone who understands international economics who can explain to other team members why a country’s economy is collapsing and what could be done to help prevent it in the future. Beyond the faculty that our members belong to, the extracurricular activities they participate in, the languages they speak, and the diverse political ideologies that they bring to the team are important in contributing your unique viewpoint to our discussions.


UCMUNT has had a hallmark year over the past 12 months, and we want to continue this momentum with the team. We have officially emerged as the most successful team in the entire Canadian Prairie Region and North American Pacific-Northwest Region, bringing home the University of Calgary twenty-five separate awards from our competitive season over 2015-2016, and tripling our team membership numbers since the previous year alone. Our team members are motivated, goal-oriented, and dedicated to furthering the team and the university’s representation. We intend to attend more conferences this year to encourage this continued progress.


As a Students' Union sanctioned club, UCMUNT is the official representative body for the Model UN community of the University of Calgary. Throughout our history, we have worked closely with University faculty to help organise successful conferences for the local community. Recently however, UCMUNT has developed our own host of conferences on the high school and post-secondary levels. As UCMUNT continues to grow, we hope to continue our momentum in promoting Model UN on campus, as well as Calgary as a whole. 






Organised by the University of Calgary Model United Nations Team






Organised by the University of Calgary Model United Nations Team







Organised by Cumming School of Medicine





Organised by the Department of Political Science

Preamble to the University of Calgary Model United Nations Team Constitution

We the students of the University of Calgary, determined

to increase our knowledge about the world around us and to strengthen our understanding about politics among nations, and

to spread the values of the Charter of the United Nations to the students of the University of Calgary and the community at large, and

to increase the visibility of the University of Calgary on a global stage,


Have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims,


Accordingly, we have agreed to the present Charter of the University of Calgary Model United Nations Team and commit to upholding its principles and aims to the best of our ability,

Access to the entire UCMUNT Constitution can be found by clicking the word icon. 

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