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Model UN


 what to wear? 

Model United Nations conferences typically require delegates to dress in 'western business attire.' This internationally recognised style is characterised by: neutral coloured suits (a blazer with a formal trouser or knee-high skirt), a button-down collar shirt, a neck or bow tie, and polishable shoes.  


During the opening and closing ceremonies for each conference, all UCMUNT members are required to wear the official uniform. Since 2015, the current uniform consists of: 

  • Black blazer

  • Blouse or button up oxford shirt, black or white

  • Black dress pants, skirt or dress

  • Socks or dark (black) panty hose

  • ​Black shoes

Members are also expected to wear the official University tartan* in the form of

  • Necktie

  • Bowtie 

  • Scarf

These items can be purchased from the University Bookstore or through UCMUNT.


*learn more about the University of Calgary tartan here

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